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Who is King Mack?


Interested in weight loss, toning and firming, strength and/or weight gain, or performance enhancement? As a National Association for Fitness certified trainer, King Mack Fitness offer many programs and packages, all of which are designed specifically for each client and tailored to their individual needs and goals. Personal training will give you the tools necessary to achieve the results you want, while also providing you with the knowledge necessary to continue your fitness journey for an entire lifetime. Making a commitment to your health and fitness is a huge step, so let's take it together.

Training packages can be customized in countless ways so that you get the best possible package and program, all at rates that are extremely competitive in the industry. Feel free to stop by the gym or email me for more information and to schedule a complimentary fitness consultation.

My business and passion developed through the loss of my perfectly fit mom and my troubled past! My mom's life prematurely ended due to bone marrow cancer. The passing of my mother sparked something in me to understand more about our bodies and my time in jail was God's plan to slow my life down in order to develop my purpose. I have a powerful testimony and it is my duty to empower the future. My focus is to provide effective, safe and transparent mental training to develop youth while tackling childhood obesity and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. My purpose is to reach those who still have a chance and it will change lives!

Building confidence while nurturing discipline in our youth!


After evaluating your current fitness level and helping you establish a healthy goal, I will design a program specific to you. Your program will include comprehensive assessment, progressive exercise techniques, and constant reinforcement of a healthy lifestyle.


Get the results you want, all the while enjoying the company and camaraderie of a friend and/or family member.  I will guide you and your workout partner through a series of exercise plans designed to maximize each individual's results, while also showing you fun, interactive workouts that you can then do together on your own. You will always have two sources of motivation, which will keep you on track and get you to your goals even faster.

Youth Boxing &
Mentorship Program

Our youth mentorship program focus is to provide effective, safe and transparent individual training to develop youth to the peak of their potential. Our desire is to tackle childhood obesity through physical activity while building their confidence and nurturing discipline. Another key component is mentorship. Outside of the program directors, we partner with other leaders in the community to help influence through speaking and workshop engagements at Motivation Team Athletic Facility. We support youth with a full-circle approach including social, emotional, spiritual, educational and physical wellness. The program services youth ages 7-17 years old. We operate part-time, after-school during the school year and full-time during the summer. The program is simply a gateway for most youth to escape chaos and come to a place of comfort but our goal is to connect with the youth where they are and introduce them to a full-circle, healthy lifestyle.


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 5:00a - 8:30p

Saturday: 8:00a - 12:00p



Phone: 504-336-3386 

Address: 3445 Toledano Street, New Orleans, LA 70125 

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